My Approach To Therapy

Congratulations on your decision to learn more about yourself and how to bring more joy, happiness, and satisfaction to your life. It will be my honor to be your guide on your journey of growth, exploration, and change. While therapy typically starts by treating problems, the best part of therapy is when families and couples find themselves achieving the relationships and life goals they hope for. Most people think good relationships and happy families just happen, simply as a matter of luck and circumstances. They would never think that science would have anything useful to say about good relationships, let alone love. In fact, from the youngest baby until the day we pass from this earth, modern science demonstrates that deep experiences of safety, security, and trust provide the foundations of all successful human relationships.

I believe that the children, couples, and families with whom I work are doing their best to cope with stressors in their lives. I offer that extra help we can all use during times of stress. I use short-term and solution-focused approaches to therapy because changes in therapy should not take forever. My services include: family therapy; marital therapy; and parenting support for new parents, including working with parents of babies with colic.

My focus on working with children, families, and their parents started in graduate school, at the University of Miami, where I graduated with my Ph.D. in Child and Family Psychology. My therapeutic approach for younger children is largely family based. When working with adolescents, I include individual work, but still involve the family as an integral part of therapy. My couples’ work continues to emphasize the concepts of safety, security, and trust as the organizing principles of successful relationships.  In addition to teaching basic principles in therapy, my therapeutic practice incorporates Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), mindful awareness practices, and awareness of body based responses to life events. Finally, over the years I have developed a comprehensive set of cognitive, achievement, and psychological assessment materials for children of all ages.

Although the core of my practice remains the treatment and resolution of relational trauma, particularly related to childhood, I also help families and couples dealing with anger and acting out; anxiety and depression; IVF, adoption, and foster care; chronic health issues; domestic unrest; relocating and other life transitions; financial challenges; and other situations. I treat a variety of disorders in my practice including: ADHD; anxiety and depression; developmental and autistic disorders; emotional and physical abuse; oppositional, defiant and other conduct disorders; separation and divorce; and the range of issues presented by couples. Through all my experiences I have found a few fundamental principles that bring fulfillment to our closest relationships.